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leader of joyce's fangirl army: Attention all PCC-goers!

I was wondering if you still had an opening. It would be for me and my boyfriend. We would get there on Thursday and would leave on Sunday. We are clean people and have been looking everywhere for a place to stay. Please let me know if you still have room! Email me at Thanks!

If you need a room, there is one available! Kennedy and I are staying at the Radisson; it’s very close to the convention center with free shuttle access and it’s less expensive than the other hotels. The more people in the room, the less expensive it will be for everyone!

Benefits include:

We head for the second Sanctuary Dungeon to retrieve the Pendant of Power!
Sometimes I wish I could use the book as a weapon. 

The voices you hear in this LP are:

I am on a roll this week! I was actually worried cause Youtube for some reason was not telling me the progress of this video upload. So for a while I kept thinking it wasn’t working but it was. Nice to know…

We enter the first dungeon and get the Pendant of Courage! There is also a Boned Room. Also Sahashrala wants to give Link some Flapjacks.

The voices you hear in this LP are:

We enter Kakariko Village and talk to the residents there. 
We also blow up a few places.
Also Sahashrala voiced by Ozwalled!

The voices you hear in this LP are:

Welcome to my latest Let’s Play!

Now I’m sure some of you are asking…

Why are you playing This Zelda game?
Aren’t other LPers doing this game already?
Why can’t you LP ‘insert video game name here’? 

First of all, I really don’t care if other LPers are doing this game. They have their own choice of what games to LP. It just happens that I’m going to play this game too. It shows how much people love this game. 

Second, I’m a big fan of Zelda and Link to the Past is my favorite Zelda game of all. After much thought, I decided to finally do an LP for this game. 

Sorry if I crushed your dreams on LPing some other game but this game actually shouldn’t take too long, so your hopes for another game to be LP should be arriving soon.

I can’t believe it!

Apparently, I’ve been a tumblr member for over two years now. Has it really been this long? It still makes a post when I upload something though, so that’s nice. 

For those wondering what’s going on in my life…

  • Starting a New Let’s Play - Cannot wait for the first episode to be uploaded, I think it will be great! I’m sure everyone will be happy with this new game I’m LPing.
  • Creating my First Album - After much thought, I’m working on my first album. It will consist of some of my older works redone. I’m even working on a cover art for it. I’ll let you guys in on more information when I have them for you.
  • Still doing Radio PSI -  Yep! I’m still a DJ for those who didn’t know. You can check out our official Facebook Page here!

And I think that’s about it. So there you guys go. Maybe I should start using Tumblr more….Who knows. For now, Edo is out!

The moment we have been waiting for! Join us as we celebrate 20 years of Kirby, our favorite hero from Popstar! 

Starting at 10pm EST / 7pm PST , we will be having three (maybe even four!) hours of nothing but Kirby goodness. I will be playing some Kirby games as well as playing some sweet music. Also, there will be a History of the pink fluff throughout the show. This is one party you DON’T wanna miss!!

To learn how to join the IRC CHAT check out here!
Once you have the IRC Client, use this link here! irc://
Don’t like IRC? Try our JAVA CHAT!
You can use the stream URL on foobar and winamp! You can use JAVA to listen to Radio PSI!

And please make sure you READ THE RULES before joining the Chatroom!

Edo will be on Twitch Tv playing Kirby games.
This is where you can watch it!!

Follow Radio PSI on Twitter to get updates on our shows! Radio PSI’s Twitter!
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